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We are working with the local health and care community to provide a safe, comfortable place for people to recuperate from hospital.  To do this, we are transforming spare rooms and annexes into secure spaces for guests who are waiting to be discharged. We will support you as a host, fit out your room, pay you a rental income, and provide independent care and medical support services.

COVID - 19

We wanted to share with you some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about how we’re supporting you during this outbreak. We’ll continue to keep this page updated but if you have a question that’s not featured here then please get in touch directly with our team, using the options above.

  • Will the Guests be monitored remotely or in person by medical staff?

    We can provide both depending on the level of need of the individual. Every room comes equipped with 24/7 monitoring equipment and those with higher service needs can have additional care provided in the room who can monitor the Guest in person.

  • What happens when the Guest’s stay is coming to an end? Do they have an exit plan?

    Yes, all Guests will have an exit plan and arrangements will be being made with their families/loved ones and the Trust they were discharged from to ensure they return to a place of safety, swiftly. CareRooms can also provide the equipment and technology that the Guest has experienced during their stay for them to take home with them. This can support our Guests in living independently for longer with the added peace of mind knowing someone is there for them at the push of a button

  • How would Guests be transported from the hospital or home into a CareRoom?

    In addition to the services provided locally, we have also partnered with a private transport provider who can help Guests travel to and from a CareRoom which can be arranged by the Guest or their next of kin. All vehicles are disinfected after each trip and all drivers are wearing appropriate PPE. In other circumstances, the Guests/patients being discharged from hospital will be provided with hospital transport.

  • Will the discharge nurses and local authority have access to the room availability?

    Yes, there is a simple dashboard to book availability that highlights the room, location,  floor location, amenities etc. For those who are already integrated into the Capacity Tracker will also be able to see this availability via their logins.


  • What about social distancing?

    All government guidelines will be adhered to during all stays. Guests will remain 2 metres away from the Host as much as possible, unless care is required and then the necessary PPE will be worn

  • What is the process for deciding whether a Guest should be discharged from hospital and is suitable to come to a CareRoom?

    Clinically-led review of the Guest’s health needs, followed by a triage process and eligibility criteria to ensure they are suitable for the CareRooms environment, including a COVID screening test.

  • How long does it take to discharge a Guest from the hospital?

    Patients who are assessed as medically fit to leave hospital and meet our eligibility criteria can be discharged into a CareRoom within a number of hours of the decision being made.

  • How do we notify the hospital that we have capacity for more Guests after each Guest leaves?

    The team will maintain the NHS capacity tracker and identify vacancies. These vacancies will be made available to NHS and social care colleagues in real-time.


  • How can we best prevent infection?

    We will follow the NHS best practice or hand washing, social distancing, regular cleaning and monitoring each individual’s vital signs and how they feel. In parallel to this, Guests will be supported with necessary measures to increase social distancing measures such as room service for meals.

  • You are providing respite for vulnerable people - how do you safeguard them against COVID19 whilst they are under CareRooms care? What extra measures are you taking?

    All Hosts will be trained and will understand how to use PPE appropriate to their role to limit the spread of COVID-19. The standard NHS Hand Washing Guidelines will be used. We will encourage Guests to keep hands away from eyes, mouth, and nose. We will implement Social Distancing of 2metres/6ft. 

    Hosts and Guests alike, will be required to take a COVID test pre discharge from hospital and pre acceptance of Guest to Host’s home. Covid testing will be undertaken twice weekly by the Host and Guest throughout their stay.


  • What levels of social interaction should the Guests have each day?

    This depends on the space available, the safety of Guests, employees and government guidelines. Guests should sit a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) apart from visitors and furniture should be set-up to encourage this.All Guests are also required to take a COVID test before entry.  CareRooms also provide the Guest with a tablet in each room to enable remote videos with their loved ones

  • How can we ensure Guests stay healthy through a programme of exercise?

    Should the CareRoom have a garden, Guests are welcome to take light exercise in the private grounds of the property, maintaining social distancing and not leaving the grounds. Guests must remain 2 metres/6 feet/3 paces apart from others. 

  • What happens in the CareRooms after a Guest is booked in, relating to ongoing medical care for them?

    If a Guest requires additional care and meets our requirements then we will try to match them to a room that provides care or they can have their own or the local care agency, provide that care, provided they are in the correct PPE

  • Would Guests be self isolating and meals provided to rooms or would they be allowed out of their rooms?

    All meals will be provided to the Guest in their rooms or they can eat in an appropriate outdoor space if applicable. 2m distance is to be adhered to at all times.

  • Will the Guests be able to leave the CareRoom?

    Only if the CareRoom has its own private garden can Guests walk around, whilst maintaining social-distancing. Both for their safety and to reduce the risk of them contracting COVID-19.

  • Will the Guests be able to have family visits?

    Yes however these will be limited, depending upon the space in the room. The visitors will need to provide a negative lateral flow test upon arrival.  Guests will also be able to speak to their family using their personal devices and the WiFi connection.

  • How do you minimise the risks of Hosts potentially passing on the virus to Guests and vice versa?

    By ensuring Guests are tested, ensuring adequate PPE is utilised, social distancing and hand-washing. The best weapons in the fight against this virus is regularly washing your hands thoroughly and maintaining a safe distance or wearing a face covering. If any employee shows any symptoms they should follow the government guidance and stay home, in social-isolation until they are 100% clear of symptoms

  • What ongoing care support from the hospital is provided after the Guest leaves the hospital and subsequently leaves the CareRoom?

    CareRooms can support by liaising with the necessary individuals to support the patient returning home, this can include additional equipment, liaising with family etc. If care support is needed on the day of discharge from hospital, this will have been arranged prior to the patient leaving the hospital site, by a hospital care coordinator/discharge team.

  • What if, after coming to the CareRoom, the Guest’s condition worsens and they are not able to go home?

    The care team will assess whether they need to be readmitted to the hospital, or be transferred to an alternative care provider. Alternatively we will extend their stay within a CareRoom where possible and appropriate from a health perspective for the Host and Guest